Tub Refinishing Questions & Answers

Refinishing can cost between $299-$2000 (depending on whether it is a shower pan, entire bathroom, etc). Please call us for more details.

As a courtesy to our customers, we do caulking free of charge! However, because this is a courtesy service done in efforts of providing the most complete job possible and is free to our customers, we require all subsequent caulking touchups, etc to be done by our customers. Also, all caulking will stain and wear through the months and years as well, therefore we recommend that our customers subsequently replace the caulk as desired.

Although we appreciate any preliminary cleaning, we will still have to re-clean with our special cleaners in order to properly prepare for the application of our coating.

This is not necessary. We will “mask” (cover/protect) areas including the overflow valve, faucet and drain cap, protecting it from any finish. Materials used to “mask” can be removed after the refinishing is complete leaving masked areas undisturbed during the process.
Generally speaking, tub refinishes may take 2-4 hours. Tub and tile surround (tiles around tub area only) will take 4-6 hours. This does not include any time to remove any old paint from a previous refinish if present.
We tell our customer to expect 15-20 years from our finish! Our new and improved methods of application provide the longest lasting finish out of the options available.
Absolutely not. Our finish is applied using an HVLP sprayer and our products looks very smooth and shiny as in the automotive industry. Our professional products look very similar to automotive finishes after it has cured. Many customers can not tell the difference between our finish and a brand new tub!
No, you can not use a bath-mat on any reglazed surfaces. This will damage your tub. We do offer our slip-resistant finish on the bottom on your tub that we can offer as a very good and popular substitute.
We will absolutely put our best effort towards patching or sanding down any visible chips or cracks. Depending on the severity, our fixes may or not result in a “perfectly seamless” look after it is refinished. However, our technicians are trained to provide the best possible outcomes by “engineering” the best solutions for these conditions. With proper communication, a desired outcome is more commonly achievable.
Absolutely. We have found that 99% of our customers have no problems while being present when a refinishing job is being performed. This is so because we deploy heavy duty blower systems that ventilate fumes from the homes of customers and often keep any smells from escaping the work area. Customers are often surprised when comparing our reduced amount of fumes to many of our competitors.
No. We have hundreds of colors to choose from! There is often an additional charge for custom colors however. Please feel free to call us for more details.
Please allow 24 hours before using the tub or tile areas re-glazed before using it.
There is not much that we ask for our customers to do. Our job is very convenient and is virtually effortless for our customers. You can however, remove loose objects from the bathroom (or work area), such as tooth brushes, bottles, paintings, shower curtains, soap and towels, so that they will not be exposed during the job.
Dawn dish-washing liquid, Formula 409 all-purpose cleaner and Simple Green are three of the most popular cleaning agents that we recommend. All cleaning agents should be the bleach free versions. Never use abrasive cleaners such as Ajax or Comet on any refinished surfaces.
We do not recommend that you use a scrubbing pad. If cleaned regularly and with a recommended cleaner, there should be no need use an abrasive pad of any sort.
Yes, there is a charge. We often do apply discounts for customers with refinished tubs, therefore we recommend to call for the current discounts. I have a dripping/leaky faucet.
You will have to have this repaired as soon as possible, for it will damage your newly refinished tub in due time. However, we are prepared to deal with leaking faucets via a funnel system to catch and deliver drips to the drain without disturbing the drying process.
Surface dust is very common and almost unavoidable. There is always dust present in any room. Some comes from the clothes that we wear, pets, carpet from adjacent rooms, or from outside air. There will be surface dust that will stick to the finish as it is curing. This is normal. Whatever you do, do not try to pick at any, for you may chip the finish. Most surface dust will simply wash or fall off in time. With normal cleaning and use, you will see dust begin to fall off on its own and/or settle into the finish naturally. Do not be alarmed by surface dust, your surfaces will gradually smooth with time!
Porcelain, fiberglass and cast iron surfaces do not usually peel after wear. They will often only dull, stain, rust and/or become rough, but will not peel. If the tub has peeled than more than likely it has been refinished before.